2018 Take Two Theatre Board Members

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2018 Take Two Theatre Board Members

Take Two Theatre — Timmins’ local community theatre organization — held their Annual General Meeting for their membership on May 27, 2018, where three new board members were elected:

  • Nate Elliott
  • Amanda Froud
  • Carl Hohman

These new board members commenced their two year term on Thursday, June 7 alongside current board members, Ralph Jenkins and Lynn Deiulis.

William Shakespeare once wrote:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

If that is true, who are the folks behind the stage?

At Take Two Theatre, the board members are responsible for the administrative and operational duties necessary to create the live theatre stage performances.

For more information about Take Two Theatre or general membership inquiries please contact us at taketwotheatre@gmail.com.


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