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Unless it is stated otherwise on the call for auditions (which would be extremely rare), you do not need to be a current Take Two Theatre member to audition.

However, if you accept the role you are offered, you will be expected to become a paid member for the duration of the production you are participating in.

Take Two Theatre is an adult-oriented organization. We frequently deal with adult situations and we sometimes need to be available to perform at venues where an age of majority is required.

We do have exceptions in some cases. For example, when we have a children’s production, or a workshop geared specifically for a younger group.

Absolutely not! Take Two Theatre welcomes everyone to audition for whatever role they feel suits them best, regardless of sexual orientation.

We always have a need for production crew members.

You will never be expected to act, nor are you expected to take part in a production. We encourage everyone to be as involved as possible, but we understand that not everyone can be present at all times and some may not be comfortable with doing specific tasks, including acting.