Darkness in the Night | Hamlet and Zombies!

Darkness in the Night | Hamlet and Zombies!

Rated PG-13

Show dates:

Thursday, October 24

Friday, October 25

Saturday, October 26

*Student and Senior rates available. Please be prepared to provide ID at the door.

Darkness in the Night

Written by Rob Hockley
Directed by Mike Cartan

To protect her friend Lily from the unwanted attentions of Dave, Kate has persuaded Dave that Lily has died in an explosion. Lily, a reformed kleptomaniac, invites Kate to the abandoned house where she has stored her loot in order to dispose of it, while at the same time Dave drags his friend Bob to the same house, which he thinks is Lily’s ancestral home, to try to contact Lily’s departed spirit. Naturally, this involves Dave and Bob attempting to enter the Underworld so they can bring Lily back (think ‘Orpheus’). Inevitably the two pairs meet, Dave convinced that he has conjured Lily from the dead, and hilarious ramifications ensue.

Hamlet and Zombies!

Written by Will Averill
Directed by Lynn Deiulis

With the help of his friend Horatio and cousin Laertes, Hamlet solves the mystery of his mother’s marriage to his uncle, observes his father’s transformation from king to zombie king, saves his love, Ophelia, and fends off both the Norwegians and the zombie hordes. Using Shakespeare’s original rich verse and intricate detail, along with a few contemporary updates, this fun, tongue-in-cheek version of Hamlet is sure to move your heart and eat your brains. This adaptation is perfect for those just learning Shakespeare’s stories and those who are looking for a spooky retelling of one of the Bard’s classics with lots of fun and a little bite.

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Darkness in the Night
Hamlet and Zombies!

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