Good Answer

Good Answer

A two-act play by Mark Montgomery

Good Answer opened as a resounding success on March 8, 2019, and continued to thrill and delight audiences until the closing performance on March 10, 2019.

Acting as president for a university struggling to obtain funding, Michael Kaminski finds himself at the mercy of his embittered ex-wife Jo Ann who is in an undesirable position as his administrative assistant. Their snide conversations and prickly demeanours toward each other had the audience grinning ear-to-ear.

The group dynamic is enriched by Phillip and his perfectly-timed wisecracks. As Michael’s satirical colleague and friend, Philip is harbouring some mutual affection for Jo Ann, but it would turn out that their attraction was based on something more.

Michael tries to maintain some normalcy in the university with the expectation of a visit from a potential donor, however, things begin to go awry when his own environmental activist daughter, Margaret, and her dim-witted, but harmless boyfriend, Butchie, stage a protest against the benefactor resulting in more than one person getting chained to a desk. They even manage to pull in David – a school alumnus – to join their cause, only to realize later on that he was, in fact, the rich benefactor!

With the skilled direction of Cass Lamarche and an incredibly talented cast, Good Answer was met with a spectacular standing ovation from a charmed audience. A vibrant and meticulously designed set created a stunning backdrop for this production, and the playwright – Mark Montgomery, himself – looked upon it all from his large portrait that served as an intimidating and impressive focal point.

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